Steering Committee

Steering Committee


he Steering Committee helps to steer the program by providing oversight of progress and strategic guidance. This includes reviewing implementation, providing inputs to integrate local aspects into regional perspectives, identifying priorities and potential risks, making decisions about changes to program development approach and endorsing work-plans.

The Steering Committee helps also to reflect over common challenges in the region, expand partnerships and enhance ownership of program benefits.

The IPA FF Steering Committee gathers:

  • National Program Coordinators designated by local civil protection authorities and Program Focal Points nominated within local institutions responsible for forest fires and flood risk management respectively in each of the program Partner Countries and Territories;
  • Representatives from the EC DG ECHO and the relevant EC services;
  • Representatives from relevant regional organizations and networks;
  • Representatives from the Consortium partners.

The IPA FF Steering Committee is organized tentatively on a 6-monthly basis.