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Civil Protection in Kosovo*

Kosovo’s population of 1.9 million is exposed to both hydrometeorological and geological hazards: floods, heavy snowfalls, drought, forest fires, and earthquakes. Flash floods are common in mountainous areas, sometimes leading to mudslides. Kosovo is also exposed to landslides, particularly in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica, Prishtinë/Pristina, Peja/Pec, and Shtërpcë/Strpce. At least one quarter of the communities are vulnerable to


North Macedonia launches the single 112 European emergency call services

In occasion of the 31st anniversary of the 112 European emergency call services, on 11/2 2022, the Government of North Macedonia has made available the services also within its country. The project has received financial support by the European Union. 112 is a single European emergency number you can dial 24/7, free of charge, everywhere


Civil protection in Albania

Albania is a country in Southeast Europe exposed to many natural and man-made disasters. In the past, the most significant risks may have come from earthquakes, although recently, the country has experienced floods, landslides, and other hydrogeological emergencies, ranging from small to medium extent. Due to the economic situation, presence of infrastructures, few means of